6 Tips for Improving Your Laundry Room

Laundry Room Storage Solutions

It can be tough to consider laundry room organization if the space doesn’t function properly for your needs. You might need to add laundry room storage, find more space for folding or add a sink to the room. These tips will help you make the most of your laundry space.

Organize, Organize, Organize
You have more than detergent and fabric softener in this room. Imagine if you could have bins filled with all the products you need. Those bins should have labels to help keep the room from being overwhelmed with products. There should be plenty of shelf space above the washer and dryer as well as on the sides of the room. Racks are a great way to add more storage space when you don’t have a ton of room too.

Think Vertically
When you’re redesigning your laundry room, you don’t need an entire, dedicated space to enjoy more storage. If you utilize dead spaces above the machines or in the corners, you can make the room work more efficiently for your family’s needs. In fact, some people use the space so efficiently that they can create additional uses in the laundry space like a family crafting room or addition space for folding.

Go Green
You can cut down on your water and energy usage with a new washer and dryer that is Energy Star rated. They could actually save your clothes from excessive wear and tear in the machines too. While it will cost a bit up front to upgrade, you’ll be saving over the course of the next few years.

Add a Folding Station
One of the most efficient things you can add to a laundry room aside from a sink is a folding station. It’ll keep clothes from becoming a wrinkled mess before they’re put away in drawers. It’ll save you from folding laundry in the kitchen or living room too. A folding station allows you to sort, fold and distribute clothes in a more efficient way for your family.

Brighten the Space
Most laundry rooms are hidden in dark corners, in basements or closed into closets. Brightening up the space with some paint or beautiful wallpaper can bring some happiness and joy into a room that is not always so joyful. There’s no reason it has to be a dreaded, dreary place in your home. Choose a bright color that makes you happy. You can also add paper to the back of the cabinets or shelves to create visual interest.

What About the Floors?
The floors in a laundry room are tough. You need a durable material but concrete is stark and industrial. It’s not a material suited for a family home. Instead, you can choose a material that won’t warp or become slippery when it’s wet. Rubber tiles are a great choice for the laundry room. They come in a variety of colors and some have interlocking tiles that can be placed over the current floor. If bleach ends up on the floor, one or two tiles could easily be replaced.

The laundry room is often one of the most ignored spaces in the home yet many people spend hours in there each week. Make the most of the space with organization and a bright, cheery paint scheme.  To see some different options available check out our gallery of laundry rooms.

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