Becoming a More Organized Family

As families become busier and busier, organizing people’s schedules, clothing and gadgets becomes more and more difficult. We often go on autopilot, automatically factoring in the rush to find things last minute or get there on time when running late into our schedules. It’s easy to fall into overly complex organizational plans, but if it’s kept simple, it can be a lot easier to keep things in check.

Organize Into Stations

We first learn certain essential organizational skills in kindergarten. It starts by learning how to organize stations. A station keeps things of one kind in one place, and one place only. If you need something, all you need do is look in the station that it should be in and if things are organized, the thing you’re looking for should be there. This same system can be applied to organizing anything. Here are a few examples.

The Backpack Station

There are lots of ways to configure this station but at it’s basic level, there should be one hook or shelf for each person’s backpack. You may also add shelves or cubbies for other related items, such as library books, lunch bags or other things. Decor can be as simple as name tags for each peg to color-coordinating each person’s name with their shelf or cubby. This is a useful station all year round, as school bags often turn into camp backpacks during the summer.

A useful addition to this station is a shelf or drawer filled with pens, pencils, spare notebooks or filler paper so that people can grab them if needed before school or for homework.

The Electronics Station

With the popularity of many electronic gadgets, it can be difficult to keep the cords together with their device. Often these cords get lost or tangled at the bottom of purses or behind tables. Having one central charging station for the whole family can prevent this frustration.

One way of keeping electronics organized is to have a shelf or box divided into a few sections, one section for each family member. Each section will be for the family member to keep their electronics in, and the charging cords can be stored there. For smaller children, giving their electronic devices a “bedtime” can be helpful for keeping things charged when they are needed.

The Clothing Station

Doing laundry for several people can be annoying and frustrating when it comes to keeping things sorted. An organization station for the laundry room can help with this. Having one shelving unit for each family member is very useful. These shelves can be made to accommodate a basket for dirty laundry and one for clean, folded clothes.

When the laundry in the basket is clean, every family member can switch the clean clothes basket for the dirty clothes basket, and put away the clean laundry in their rooms. Each basket may be either color-coordinated or labeled with each family member’s name.

With a little effort, becoming an organized family can be much easier and smoother, and more stress-free.

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