Redecorating Ideas for Empty Nesters

Watching one’s last child move out of the home and begin a new life of their own can be a very emotional time, but there are also many parents who look forward to having the chance to redecorate their home and their child’s old room to bring in a new period in their lives. And if you do look forward to this there are many ideas vying for your attention.

Re-purposing Bedrooms

Popular choices for bedroom reassignment are guest rooms or home offices, and that’s something that will never change. New trends seem to be to transform them into “specialty spaces” like yoga rooms or walk-in closets.

Some people turn their rooms into hobby rooms, craft rooms or a place to display objects that have been packed away for years. If there are not many extra rooms to play with, you can use a room for several purposes at once, like a guest room and an office or media room.

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Wall Beds

When you have a growing family, sometimes the room you have in your home can seem like it’s shrinking at an exponential rate. If not that, perhaps you are someone who enjoys having guests stay at your home, but you don’t have an extra room designated solely for that purpose. While bunk beds, sofa beds or even roll-away cots are all solutions to these problems, they can come with their own inconveniences.

Perhaps you do not have enough overhead space for a bunk bed for your two children. Sofa beds are often uncomfortable, with users being able to feel the folding mechanisms right where it’s most painful and noticeable. Roll-away cots have their own storage problems, and are often bulky and inconvenient.

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Wall Beds: A History

Among the numerous ways there are to maximize the space in your home, a wall bed is an enduring and evolving way to do it, even if you live in a studio or other small space. With the recent surge of interest in tiny houses and our ever-tightening budgets forcing us to make living decisions based more on cost than on available space, making good use of that space is more of a priority than ever. Wall beds are a practical – and often elegant – addition to a small space.

The History of the Wall Bed

Back in 1884, William L. Murphy had taken up residence in SanFrancisco. He was living in a tiny studio apartment but had a penchant for entertaining. Certain rules of etiquette have evolved over the years but back when Murphy has his creative spark, it was considered poor taste to entertain women at home in a room with a bed.

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Murphy Beds: A Clever Storage Solution

There are many ways to maximize space and create storage in your home, even if your home is a studio apartment or other small space. When square footage is at a premium, the more your space is able to multi-function, the better. Murphy beds make a great addition to small spaces and can turn any room into a hideaway bedroom.

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FSC Certification

Not every company is FSC Certified. In fact, it is a coveted and prestigious achievement that few companies ever enjoy. At  ORG Home, we are proud of our commitment to the environment and producing products responsibly and with high sustainability. In order to become certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (the FSC), our company had to pass some very stringent criteria and complete the entire process. Here is a brief overview of what was involved.

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