Creating the Perfect Pantry

Pantry Storage

A disorganized kitchen pantry will often present a nightmarish experience for the cook, mainly because it means not having the most-used items within easy reach. Imagine being able to bring organizational elements that improve visibility and access into your own home. Having a well-organized and clutter-free kitchen pantry might make life much more enjoyable.

Because you’ll always know where your go-to items are, meal preparation will take much less time and effort. Pantry organization also improves space utilization and allows better control over grocery bills. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, you can actually save a lot of money with proper pantry storage.

Contrary to what most of us may think, creating a perfect pantry doesn’t take much. To create the ideal pantry, consider the following ideas, tips, and accessories.

Remove Clutter
Removing clutter is the first step towards creating a perfect pantry storage space. Less clutter minimizes the likelihood of buying duplicates, reducing the amount of spoilage and wasted food significantly. You can also improve accessibility by eliminating the need to shuffle around. Apart from helping you save money, removing clutter allows easy access and reduces prep time.

Organize Your Items
As appealing as your pantry storage might look when arranged by size and height, this is rarely the best approach. Instead, you should sort and organize your pantry by category since this type of arrangement is both practical and logical.

Though every item needs to be at the right height, make sure your go-to items are the most accessible. As a rule of thumb, the heavier an item is, the lower it should go in the pantry. The following ideas can help you achieve proper pantry storage.

Open adjustable shelves: Reserve a section of the pantry for open adjustable shelves. This type of shelving offers a higher level of flexibility, allowing a neat and organized storage regardless of the size or shape of your items. In fact, you can move the shelves around to accommodate bulk containers temporarily, which might come in handy when you need to stock up more than usual.

Pull-out cabinet and organizer: Installing this clean organizational system in place of regular cabinet doors makes the entire length of your storage space visible. Pull-out cabinets and organizers provide easy access by eliminating the need to shuffle around or reach all the way to the shelf’s back.

Corner carousel: This storage solution is a smart and inexpensive way to maximize pantry storage space. To enhance your pantry organization, you can stock your corner carousel with round-bottomed containers like bottles and cans. Remember, placing the tallest and skinniest containers in the center helps to improve stability.

Wicker baskets: To keep your small items neatly corralled and improve accessibility, you should consider the addition of storage baskets. For instance, placing wicker baskets on lower pantry shelves keeps snacks meant for the kids within reach. Make sure you sort the items placed in your wicker baskets by category. Try to divide them into groups that make sense like sweet and salty.

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