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When you hear phrases like “sustainability,” “environmentally friendly” and “reforesting” it evokes certain mental images. Most of those images are coupled with lofty ideals and high expectations. We think about saving rain forests and planting trees. We think about clean air and drinkable water. But how do these concepts relate to organizing your home? We will get to that a little later. For now, keep those images in your mind as we discuss each phrase individually.

Sustainable Products

What is a sustainable product? It is a phrase that has become more of a buzz in recent years but it is much more than that. Sustainability is a concept that is largely subjective. Sustainable products are those that include a broad range of considerations on social, economic and environmental levels. In simplest terms, they minimize environmental impact at each stage of their useful lives. Since most products do not follow a perfectly sustainable continuum from manufacture to disposal, a product’s sustainability is often dependent on how responsibly it is manufactured in the first place.

Sustainable products have measurable benefits to the people who use them. They are healthy and safe. They optimize the use of any resources they deplete. They employ “best practices” in their manufacture and are made with a commitment to clean production methods. While there is currently no manufactured product that is truly, 100%  sustainable, savvy companies (like ORG Home and Custom Closets and More) with a commitment to the environment are constantly developing new ways to get closer to true sustainability as they bring new products to market.

What Makes a Product “Environmentally Friendly?”

Environmental friendliness is the logical progression that makes a product sustainable. A product that is environmentally friendly has low impact on the environment in manufacture, usage and when ultimately disposed. It is also designed in a manner that conserves resources like energy and water and uniformly prevents polluting the environment. In short, a product that is environmentally friendly maximizes use of resources while minimizing impact on them.


Over the years, we have heard quite a bit about deforestation and its negative impact on the environment. Reforesting is the solution to the problem. In simplest terms, reforesting is deforestation in reverse. It replenishes trees, forests and all definition of woodlands when these natural resources are depleted elsewhere. It helps fight pollution by improving air quality and absorbing various toxins and keeping carbon dioxide levels stable via photosynthesis.

So what, exactly, does all this have to do with organizing your home?

Custom Closets and More and ORG plus the Environment

Custom Closets and More and ORG Home make it simple to keep your home organized. Even better, we do it while maintaining a commitment to increasing sustainability and creating products that are environmentally friendly.  The engineered composite panels used to manufacture our products contain 100 percent recycled and/or recovered wood fiber, and are Environmentally Preferable Product certified by the Composite Panel Association. The wood fibers that make up the panels are unused lumber particles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Using these panels to create our custom organizers is a more resourceful process than building a system from solid wood – saving trees and avoiding landfills.  Many of our competitors use questionable manufacturing methods and this can lead to “off-gassing” and dangerous emissions into your home.  All of our panels used to manufacture our products are certified as compliant with the California Air Resources Board Phase II indoor air quality standards.

In addition to our commitment to creating environmentally friendly products, our manufacturing facility recycles 94% of all waste created and 100% of scrap wood.  Our facilities are so innovative and state of the art that we even recycle the warm air created by our machines which reduces our natural gas consumption by 50% annually.  We also support reforesting efforts by supporting the Arbor Day Foundation and participate in community efforts like Habitat for Humanity, donating overstock for use in low-cost housing projects nationwide.

With that kind of commitment to our planet and the people who live here,we are uniquely positioned as an innovator in home storage solutions that will continue promoting and advancing positive environmental concepts now and for years to come.

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