Deep Clean Your Closet

Have you ever found yourself on a busy morning before work, standing in front of your closet, unable to decide what to wear? Do you often wear clothes just because they’re what you’ve always worn, but you still have tons of unworn clothes in the back of your closet? If these scenarios sound familiar, it may just be time to deep clean your closet! Cleaning your closet can seem like a huge undertaking, but if you follow a few simple steps, you should have it done in no time.

Start with a Clean Slate

Take everything out of your closet. This is a good way to get everything out of the closet and see what you have. Wash all the walls, and sweep or vacuum the floor. If you have the time, and you are so inclined, you may wish to paint the walls or install a new closet organizing system. If so, now is the time to do that. Wait until everything is clean and dry before putting anything back inside your closet.


Don’t put anything back in your closet that you don’t like.  If things are in disrepair, discard them or set them aside to be fixed. If still in good condition, consider donating them or consigning them for a little extra money. Make sure you truly like everything that goes back into your closet.

Make Sure Things Fit 

If you haven’t worn a good amount of the clothing in your closet in a while, try it on before you put it into the ‘keep’ pile. Make sure you try things on while standing in front of a mirror. Check the fit, to make sure each item looks good from every angle. Try on things together to make outfits. If you have any duplicate items of clothing, keep the best of those pieces and discard the others.

Keep only those things that fit, that work with your current wardrobe, and that you feel your best in. Ask yourself if you would buy the same item today if you saw it again.  Those are the clothes that you should put back in your closet.

Fill Your Closet

First, put in the outfits you like and wear regularly. Make sure you keep the associated accessories with the outfits.

Then, put in the newer outfits that you made from your seldom worn pile. If there are odd pieces of clothing that do not have the right coordinates to go with them, make a list of the pieces needed to complete those outfits.

If you do not wish to arrange your clothing into outfits, you can also arrange them by type of clothing (pants, skirts, blouses) or arrange by color. You may wish to change if one method of organization does not work for you. Eventually you will hit upon the perfect method of arranging things that works well for you, and you will be well on your way to having more stress-free mornings.

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