FSC Certification

Not every company is FSC Certified. In fact, it is a coveted and prestigious achievement that few companies ever enjoy. At  ORG Home, we are proud of our commitment to the environment and producing products responsibly and with high sustainability. In order to become certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (the FSC), our company had to pass some very stringent criteria and complete the entire process. Here is a brief overview of what was involved.

What is the FSC?
The FSC is a global, non-profit organization that exists to promote responsible management of forest resources worldwide. They oversee, among other things, reforesting projects and international compliance standards for harvesting forest resources.

Preliminary Steps For Certification
To get the process started, ORG Home (FSC-CO28471) first had to contact an accredited certification body to establish costs and time frames involved. We were then provided information regarding the certification requirements. These requirements leave little, if any, margin of error. Some companies find it necessary to adjust their management plans to achieve compliance standards. In fact, often times that management plan includes not just standards of usage for forest resources, but a wide range of environmental impact management strategies as well.

Pre-assessment is optional but beneficial to a company applying for FSC certification. The organization observes a company’s forest management practices and interacts with employees, the local community and other stakeholders to steer things in the right direction. The certification assessment that follows determines organizational readiness in terms of FSC requirements.

The assessment can take a little time – a few days on average – but it is an essential part of the process as it determines whether the company will receive the auditor’s recommendation. Certification expires five years from the date it is granted and must be renewed.

Once approved by the certification body, the company is then issued an FM (Forest Management) certificate. If the certification body rejects the request, they suggest changes and activities that have potential to sway the decision in favor of the company in the future.

Annual Audit
Since the FSC exists to protect and perpetuate responsible use of forest resources, accountability is perpetual as well. Most companies are subjected to an annual Audit. At ORG Home, we consistently meet all the requirements and fare well in our audits. If there are no complaints during the first year, the process becomes easier but we are held no less accountable for how we utilize and replenish forest resources. We do now and will always welcome site audits should the organization choose to carry one out. We take our commitments and responsibilities very seriously.

ORG Home and the Environment
Our commitment to the environment preceded our pursuit of FSC certification. That commitment is lived out through responsible, increasingly sustainable manufacturing practices and through our cooperative relationship with organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation through which we actively participate in reforesting projects worldwide.

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