Get Your Space Ready for Football

Are you a football fanatic? Planning to have people over to watch all the big games? Since fall is here, it’s past time to get your entertainment room ready for football season. Even if organizing isn’t your strong suit, a little bit of forethought can make your game watching days even more enjoyable.

Have an Entertainment Center

Even a smaller television will provide a better game day experience when it’s displayed in an effective way. You may wish to invest in good speakers or other electronic devices to enhance the game day experience.

Extra Shelving Space

Need space for all your sports memorabilia? Where are you going to put your extra retrospective DVDs and bobble-heads? Extra shelving will help display those and keep the room from being cluttered.

Hide Away the Small Things

You may have things like hats and jerseys scattered about. Be sure to have a place to store items like that to get them out of the way and keep them safe.  A storage locker emblazoned with the colors of your favorite team might be a good way to accomplish that and also have a place for drinks and snacks.

Don’t Forget Your Team Colors

Display your team’s colors in the room’s color scheme. You can use paint, wallpaper or even throw blankets as ways of incorporating your team colors into the décor of the room. Other ways of showing your team spirit can be with pennants, framed jerseys or other sports memorabilia, or even a blown up photograph poster of a smooth move from your favorite player.

If you’re having a party for a big game where you’ll have people rooting for both teams, a fun idea is to  use the colors for the home team on one side of the room, and the colors for the opposing team on the other. You can also seat your guests according to who they’re rooting for.

Keep Your Viewing Experience in Mind

Make sure all seats in your room have a good view of the television. Make sure shelving units or memorabilia displays don’t interfere with your audience’s view of the games. Also, make sure you have enough comfortable seating to accommodate any guests you might have over to enjoy the game with you.

Plan Your Game Day Snacks

Be sure to stock up on chips, dip and your favorite beverages. No game watching get-together is complete without delicious things to eat during the halftime show! Looking up recipes for interesting dips, hearty chili recipes and even sweet treats can also be an inspiration for your football parties. Also, make sure that you have enough side tables or a coffee table for your guests to set their drinks and beverages.

Now is the time to make these simple changes to prepare for the football season. Look for sales on enhancements and accessories your guests will enjoy. With a little preparation and planning, you can have a game day space that will be the envy of all your friends.

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