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Anyone that works a stay at home job knows how important it is to be organized. However, knowing organization is important and being able to accomplish being organized are very different things. The fact is that being organized would help us to work better and more efficiently. Being able to create a clutter free organized workplace is essential. Follow a few of these steps and you’ll be on your way to working better, and faster, in no time.

How to set up your work area

  • No matter what – keep your desk clean. One of the biggest obstacles to getting work done is distraction. If you keep your desktop tidy and organized you won’t become distracted by the collection of items that shouldn’t even be there. At the end of each day clean your desk and return it to the same state of cleanliness that it was in the morning.
  • Consider adding a lamp. If you work on a computer all day having a lamp is essential. When the day becomes cloudy, or dusk turns into night, you’ll be happy to have a lamp to click on. Having the extra light will also help you to work longer since you won’t find yourself suffering from eye fatigue.
  • Keep necessary office supplies close by. If you need to use items like paper clips, highlighters, sticky notes, or have favorite pens, give them a designated location so that you always have them handy. When you know where they are and always return them to the same location you would waste time searching for them.
  • Think about adding some greenery. Putting a lush plant or two on your desk can not only give you something besides a dull wall to stare at but it can lift your mood. You can even select plants that have beautiful flowers to add even greater appeal.
  • Reconsider the color of your walls. Stark white or other bright colors might seem like great options but in reality, colors like blue and green are much better. These lighter relaxing colors will help you to focus on your work.
  • Have a filing cabinet near your desk so you are able to store your important papers easily at the end of the day. Having a set location for your documents will also make locating them easier so you won’t spend time shuffling through the wrong paperwork.
  • Computer upgrades are sometimes necessary. Many of us put off upgrading because our old computer still technically works, even if it has slowed down, and getting a new one means spending money. We also know that time is money and when you have a machine that runs properly you’ll be able to get more work done. If you’ve had your computer more than three years you may want to start looking into a newer option. Technology changes quickly and while it seems like your current computer is fine, you’d be amazed at the difference when you start working on a newer model.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do to achieve the most useful home office, you want to maintain a space that works for you. If having a plant nearby bothers you and you’re constantly pondering why it always looks like it is half-dead, then maybe a plant isn’t for you. Play around with some of these ideas until you have a space that relaxes and comforts you as you shuffle through your daily tasks.

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