HomeZada: A Homeowners Organization Tool

Whether you’re a first time homeowner or you own multiple properties, it doesn’t take long to realize that owning a home means keeping track of a lot of important information. Some routine maintenance needs to be done once a year, while others need to be attended to more regularly. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget the last time the gutters were cleaned or the attic was checked for leaks.  Penciled-in notes on calendars and sticky notes only add to the chaos, and in the end, they don’t help much towards staying on top of everything that needs to get done.

Enter HomeZada. Homezada is an online tool that allows you to keep track of everything home related. There are over 100 checklists available to help you remember what checkups and upkeep need to be performed, and even tells you how often to do them and in what month they should be done. Besides just routine projects around the house, Homezada is a valuable tool when it’s time to upgrade your home. Planning on adding a cinema room or new master bathroom? With one simple click, you have the estimated cost of the project, the tools necessary to complete it, and videos to help you get started. And the inside of the home is just the beginning. Homezada offers help for countless outdoor jobs, such as building a patio or installing a hot tub. In the years you spend in your home, this one-stop online shop will help keep your home in top shape. When the time comes to move out, you will not only have a properly maintained home, but all of the documentation to show what was done and when.

Accidents happen. Nature is unpredictable. And it is because of these truths that Homezada offers a feature that will prove priceless if something does happen to your home: a way to document all of your possessions and important files and a place to keep them where they will be safe. In the aftermath of a fire or storm, you will be relieved that you used Homezada’s home inventory tool to take pictures of your valuables, keep all of your warranties and manuals in one place, and document the value of your possessions for insurance purposes.

Homezada offers an absolutely FREE membership plan that allows you to track your inventory with photos, keeps important documents together, provides tips on household maintenance, lists emergency contact information, and allows you to access your account on you mobile device. For just $5.95 a month you have access to all of this, and so much more: Calendars and to-do lists that will help you stay on schedule with household projects, the ability to manage up to three homes, and project templates complete with estimated budgets and supplies, just to name a few.

Being a responsible homeowner means knowing what your home needs, when it needs to be done and how to do it. Even the most responsible homeowner can’t keep track of it all, which is why Homezada is an obvious must for everyone who cares about their home and the valuables inside of it.

Source:  www.homezada.com

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