How To Choose a Closet System?

Closet are not just places to put “stuff.” The most well-designed closets are effective tools that you can use to keep every aspect of your life organized. When people think “closet” they almost immediately think of either clothes, supplies or linens.

All of these are great uses for that space, but the way the space is purposed makes a huge difference in how it is going to be designed. What works best depends on the function of that space. Here are a few things that everyone should keep in mind when choosing a closet organization system.

1. What Kind of Closet Is This?
Each closet in your home should have a specific purpose. If it is a supply closet, then it should be used for household cleaners and supplies (spray cleaners, mops, buckets, vacuum cleaner, etc.) and it should have appropriate solutions for storage and accessibility. If it is going to be used for clothes, the space needs to be sectioned properly for every type of clothes from outerwear to shoes.

2. Will this be a Walk-In Closet?
Built-in closets tend to help you keep things more organized and help your home feel less cluttered. Unlike a free-standing closet or wardrobe, a walk-in does not interfere with your living space as much as it becomes part of it. Do your best, however, to keep foot space clear. If you pile up too many things in walking areas, you won’t be able to get inside or find anything when you do.

Make good use of storage solutions that will keep everything organized. Choose good quality hanging rods and hangers. Use drawer-space storage for foldable items like sweaters to keep from cluttering the rack. Have the right solutions in place to rotate seasonal apparel so your summer clothes don’t interfere with being able to find winter clothes.

Remember that cheaper isn’t always better. Solutions like wire may be inexpensive and they may even look ok, but they can make it more difficult to stay organized, especially when things fall behind them or sweaters get ruined by the lines in the shelves. Be sure that the storage solutions you use are of good quality and are appropriate for the space. You wouldn’t create a supply closet out of mahogany but neither should you store your clothes on a free-standing wire shelf.

If this is your main wardrobe, don’t be afraid to reserve space for a full-length mirror or even a bench or chair. These things will help save you time getting ready for your day.

3. How Do I Maximize a Small Space?
As much as we may not like our closets to pull double-duty, there are instances where it makes the best use of the space. Smaller bedroom closets can have space for clothes and shoes but also have some reserved for linens, pillows and comforters.

In small spaces it is also important to start at the floor and work upward from there. Select good storage solutions for those sheets and blankets and reserve space for things like boots on the floor. Shoes can have their own floor space or you can create cubbies or other kinds of compartmental storage for them. Be sure to then leave enough space to hang jackets, pants and business wear on the rack.

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