Ideas for Organizing Your Home

A home that is organized is one that is functional and one that runs well. Finding the right balance between your space and how you use it is a huge step forward for having a home that is not only clean and comfortable but also safe and conducive for relaxation. Here are some practical ways to make good use of your space and keep things well organized.

Keep a Clear Entryway

There is nothing worse than a home that looks cluttered from the moment you or your guests step inside. Maximize the space in your entryway by keeping it neat and uncomplicated. Designate a place near the entryway to store keys, wallets and other things that get lost frequently so you always know where they are.

Make Good Use of Vertical Space

We are not talking about piling stuff up to the ceiling here, but rather making that often unused space work for you in a practical way. Tall shelves, curios and library-style bookcases are a great way to maximize use of space while maintaining the character and style of your home.

Install Transparent Cabinet Doors

If your dishes and kitchen supplies are always on display, it is likely that you will keep them organized. Better still, with glass-faced cabinets, you know where everything is without having to open and search each one.

Use Containers with Character

Decorative storage solutions like wicker baskets or antique dry sinks with cabinet space make for charming storage options. Your dry sink can double as a liquor cabinet, for example. Want to keep fine linens and silverware handy but don’t want to go rummaging through closets or crawlspaces whenever company shows up? Store everything in wicker baskets and make a fancy presentation that is sure to impress.

Use Mounted Shelving

Free-standing shelving often takes up an excess of space. Mounting shelves frees up floor space and makes the room look bigger. It also opens up more opportunities to do something with that free space should you like a cozier room with more comforts.

Rotate Your Wardrobe

Don’t waste time searching through winter clothes to find that summer outfit you’ve been waiting to wear again. Have a closet or other space designated as long-term storage for seasonal apparel. This will free up a good bit of closet space and help you quickly find the things you need.

Add a Hope Chest, Hanging Hook and Hamper

If you are someone who has a tendency to throw clothes and other effects on the foot of the bed, a hope chest or even a decorative bench provide a place to toss things at night without them spilling onto the floor while you sleep. Even better, install a hanging hook close by for bathrobes and a hamper in any room where clothes wind up being tossed down. Save the extra step and throw these things in the laundry.

Following these simple steps will get you far in decreasing clutter and increasing the functionality of your home.

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