Ideas for Organizing Your Pantry

There are few things more frustrating than having to endlessly search for items in your pantry, especially when food is cooking on the stove. Knowing where your most important go-to supplies are at all times can be a major relief. For that to happen, a good plan and an easy-to-follow system for both storing and restocking are an absolute must. Here are a few ideas that can assist in devising a plan that will work best for your needs.

1. Stop Putting it Off
Every time you frustrate over not being able to find something in the pantry, you probably vow, right then and there, to organize things. Then, dinner gets cooked, everyone is tired and the thought just falls by the wayside. It’s time to stop putting this off. Get motivated and get to work. Getting your pantry organized will save you time, money, energy and frustration.

2. Commit to De-Cluttering the Pantry
Take full stock of everything. What don’t you need? What items have just been sitting around cluttering up that precious space? You are hiding the things you need behind things you never touch. Get rid of every un-needed item (or find someplace else to store it). People stress over de-cluttering until it’s done. Once it’s done, it is almost always a huge relief.

3. Arrange Pantry Items Logically
Just because an arrangement looks good doesn’t mean it is necessarily optimal or even functional. The temptation will be to arrange things by size and type: large containers on one shelf, small ones on another, etc., but this is not necessarily the best way. Keep the things you use all the time within easy reach. Make sure things you use every day are always visible and within reach. Mark containers with ingredients that resemble others like flour, sugar and salt so there is no guesswork involved when selecting them. Group common spices and seasonings together and keep the ones you only use occasionally in a separate but easily-accessible space.

4. Utilize Good Storage Solutions
There is likely nothing more important to organizing your pantry than using the right storage systems. This includes containers, shelves and storage space enhancements. The most important part of this is planning. You may find that you need a gadget or two that will help you organize but, for the most part, proper planning will go just as far. What is the most disorganized part of your pantry? Start there and work your way through the entire thing by degrees. If you absolutely cannot optimize your existing space to meet your organizing goal, look into alternative storage solutions that can help solve the problem like Lazy Susans, spice racks and retracting shelves.

5. Maintain Your System
Commit to putting things away in the same place all the time and restocking at necessary intervals. Developing a small degree of discipline will help you keep your pantry organized and looking great. This will become easier as you develop an appreciation for a pantry that is organized and not cluttered.

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