Jewelry Organization Tips

The right jewelry is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit, but keeping things organized can be a challenge. Earrings can become dirty or lost, and necklaces and bracelets can get tangled together. With a little thought to organization methods, you can make finding the right pieces easy and fast.


Necklaces are best stored in a hanging position. You can buy hangers for your closet with hooks to keep them hanging neatly, or use a wall mounted peg board to keep them tangle free. If hanging them up is not an option, a hanging zipper pouch for your closet or a segmented drawer storage unit might be best for you. Make sure there is one necklace per section, so that they can’t become entangled with one another.


While not as long as necklaces, these can be prone to tangling as well. Laying them flat in a velvet lined drawer or storing them in a sectioned tray can work for chain or beaded bracelets. Using a velvet covered tube or stacking them neatly in a drawer can work well for storing bangles and cuff-type bracelets.


Keeping pairs of earrings together is the most important part of storing them. Sectioned compartments work well for this. For dangling or larger earrings, standing racks with holes to hang pairs together is also an option. Make sure to wipe down earring wires with alcohol before putting them away or before each wearing.

Keeping Jewelry Together With Outfits

If you have jewelry that works with only one specific outfit, one way of keeping things together is to get a velvet drawstring jewelry bag. The jewelry that works with the outfit can be carefully placed into this bag, and hung from the same hanger, making getting dressed and ready easier and quicker.

For Everyday Jewelry

For jewelry you wear daily, such as wedding or engagement rings or earrings you wear often, a small jewelry dish on the dresser or bedside table can hold these items and keep them from getting lost while you sleep or shower and dress.

Other Considerations

Take into account what materials your jewelry is made of. For instance, if you have silver jewelry that is easily tarnished, keeping these pieces in a drawer lined with special soft silver cloth will keep these things looking their best. For most jewelry, a simple felt- or velvet-lined section or drawer will do. If your jewelry is made of materials that might be easily scratched, such as opal or pearl, make certain to store the items apart from anything that may damage them.

Cleaning and Repair

Make sure to keep jewelry cleaner, needle-nosed pliers, and cleaning cloths near your jewelry storage area. Something else to keep in good supply with these things is an extra store of earring backs and french ear-wire safety stoppers. Having these two items around and accessible will prevent favorite earrings from being lost.

With a little organization and thought toward how your jewelry works with your wardrobe, you can make the most of your jewelry investment and feel good about keepingĀ  your favorite pieces safe.

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