Keeping Track of Belongings During A Move

While it’s exciting to pick a new house and plan to live there, moving is another matter entirely for most people. The idea of packing up an entire house is daunting. How do you keep things organized and remember where important items are packed? Here are some moving tips to keep you organized through a major (or minor) move.

Declutter Before You Move

Before you even pack, you should take this opportunity to sort through and get rid of any possessions you no longer want or need. Make three piles: Keep, Donate, and Throw Away. Do not keep anything you haven’t looked at in a year. Do not move open condiment jars or stacks of old magazines.

This step is especially important if you hire professional movers, as they usually charge by volume and how big of a truck they need to move your stuff. You don’t want to pay movers to move magazines you’ll never look at again!

Organize Yourself

One of the first things you need to do is develop a plan of attack. With an organizational plan, it will be easier to figure out which things to do first. Create a basket or bag with the necessary tools for packing your things to move, such as scissors, tape, labels and markers. You can keep this with you as you walk from room to room.

Make a List

Creating a “master key” of sorts to help you decide what to put where will make things easier. List on a piece of paper what emblem or color will be used on the box for each room. Use colored labels or stickers to mark the boxes, along with a label to note what is inside each box. This way, you can easily decide where to put the boxes, and know precisely what is inside.

Designate A Box To Be Unpacked First

While you can unload all the boxes into a house in a day, you may not get everything unpacked in a day. Having a box or set of boxes marked as  “OPEN FIRST” is a good way to keep the essentials of living in one place, so that you can make food, sleep, or even work on opening other boxes. Good things to keep in these boxes include bedding, your coffee maker, utensils, plates and cups for each person, or each child’s favorite toys.  Also keep tools you will need for moving where they will be immediately accessible.

Packing The Truck

Furniture and large, heavy appliances should go into the truck first, then lighter furniture, then boxes. Remember to place the most important boxes into the truck last, as then they will be the first things taken out. You can then place those boxes in an area of the new house where they will be easily accessible.

With these few simple organizational tips, moving to a new house can be a more simple matter than you think. Having a plan can help things move smoothly on moving day, and make unpacking more organized and speedy.

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