Kitchen Storage You Might Be Missing

While most kitchen storage is pretty straightforward in the form of pantries, cabinets and counter tops, other opportunities for storage take a little more planning. Here are some ideas for kitchen storage you may not have thought of.

Shelf “Extenders”

While shelves are all well and good, sometimes you just don’t have enough of them. However, with a tweak here and there, you can find a good amount of storage space for a few more odds and ends.

Small racks that you can hang from the bottom of a shelf can be used to hold mugs or extra plates. These racks are simple to install, and can be used on shelves inside cabinets as well as free-standing shelves on your walls.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be installed on the sides of cabinets, to hold small items. These are easily installed, and can be installed on the sides of cabinets, or in corners. They can give you valuable shelving above your back splash, on any narrow space of wall, or any number of other areas.

Overlooked Spaces

You can also store things in the space between your cabinets and the ceiling. This is a good place for large, decorative serving dishes, incorporating them into the décor of your kitchen.

If you have empty space over your doors or windows, you could place hooks for pans or install shelves to store seldom-used appliances. Open spaces of walls can be used to hang pegboard with hooks to hang utensils or pans.

Hanging from the Ceiling

Hanging pots and pans and other large utensils from the ceiling has been a popular method of storage for a long time. Pot racks come in many different shapes for placement in a number of convenient areas, and often the top of the pot rack can be used to store the pot lids so that they stay with their associated pots.

One traditional and decorative way of storing items in a kitchen are hanging wire or wicker baskets. These can be used for non-refrigerated fruits or vegetables, utensils like peelers, or extra dish towels.

Under lower Cabinets

One useful storage tip involves installing shelves beneath the lower cabinets, where the toe-kick would be. This could be used for seldom used large baking pans or other things that are not used often and need to be stored out of sight for everyday use.

Free-Standing Racks

If you do not wish to put holes in your walls for shelving, or you do not have enough counter space, free-standing racks come in many different styles to solve your particular storage problems. You can get sturdy, decorative racks in your choice of décor to store large serving pieces, cookbooks, or mixing bowls. There are also wheeled kitchen islands that provide cabinetry, and drawers as well as some extra prep space, and these can usually be wheeled out of the way when they are not needed.

With a little thought and extra planning, your kitchen can easily store all of your necessary items to make your food preparation easy and efficient.

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