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Organizing your photography gear is often a problem. With all the different cameras, lenses and other equipment you might have, keeping track of things – and the documents and warranties that go along with them – can be a hassle. This is why the app Zither was originally created.  But they have opened up the app to track all of your home equipment, serial numbers, warranties and user manuals.  

Developed for Photographers

Developed by Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography, Zither will help you keep track of all of your equipment, as well as the receipt, warranty, and serial number.

Whenever you buy a new product, you simply add it to the Zither app by scanning the bar code on the box while signed in to the app. Then, take a picture of the receipt and scan the serial number to store these pieces of information in the product entry area. Zither then looks up the correct owners’ manual for the product for easy reference!

In the Field

As a photographer, you may find yourself somewhere with an unusual light source, and need to know the right setting. With the Zither app, you can look the right setting up in your camera’s owners’ manual, right on the app, so that you can get the perfect shot with the proper setting every time.

Warning of Warranty Expiration

Zither will also set a reminder when an equipment warranty is close to expiring, so you can make sure any necessary repairs get done before they are no longer covered.

You might have issues with a piece of equipment, while in the field and not have time then and there to get it repaired. The danger there is that you might not realize that it’s going out of warranty and will no longer be covered by the time you get around to dealing with the problem. The Zither app alerts you in plenty of time, keeping it in the forefront of your mind to get necessary repairs done before the warranty expires.

Theft of Property

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is to have their property stolen. Finding all of the serial numbers for stolen property to report on an insurance claim can sometimes be difficult. But with Zither, you can get all of the serial numbers in the entry for each item entered.

Not Just for Photographers

The Zither app can also be used for any other items you might wish to add. All of your easy-to-misplace warranty information, serial numbers and owners’ manuals can be kept right in one place. This makes scheduling maintenance, getting insurance reimbursement for fire or theft, or quickly finding information on any device easy.

Insure your Valuables

If you wish to acquire renters’ insurance or insure items for a business insurance account, having all of the information about the items you will be insuring is always convenient. You will have the receipt with the amount of money expended on the item along with the serial number so you can easily report the item to your insurance company.

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