Murphy Beds: A Clever Storage Solution

There are many ways to maximize space and create storage in your home, even if your home is a studio apartment or other small space. When square footage is at a premium, the more your space is able to multi-function, the better. Murphy beds make a great addition to small spaces and can turn any room into a hideaway bedroom.

The History of the Murphy Bed
Like all great inventions, this one was born out of necessity. As the story goes, in 1884, a bachelor by the name of William L. Murphy was living in a tiny studio apartment in San Francisco. In those days, it was considered bad taste for a man to entertain women in a room with a bed. Murphy liked to entertain, even though he was operating with very limited space. To deal with this one glaring social conundrum, he figured out a way to make his bed fold up against the wall while not being used. He soon became obsessed with the idea and got to work on improving it.

By the early part of the 20th century, the Murphy Bed was patented and went into mass production. The option grew rapidly in popularity in urban settings where living space was scarce. During the 1920’s, more that 50,000 Murphy beds were produced each year. They have since seen rises and falls in popularity, the latest revival occurring in the 1970s when economic recession began to force some Americans to seek smaller living spaces.

Murphy Wall and Desk Beds
Today, a Murphy Bed is not simply a storage solution for a small space. It is a sturdy and stylish way to add flair to your living space, no matter how much you have or how you use it.

The desk bed is a variation on the Murphy Bed that is a truly multi-functional unit providing space for both productivity and rest. It is an ideal edition to a home office that can then double as guest quarters or primary sleeping quarters in a studio or single-room flat. It also creates the perfect living solution for college students sharing apartment or dorm space, even in a shared room. The square footage of these units is compact enough to fit into a variety of spaces while still providing ample area to sleep comfortably.

The Murphy-style Wall Bed has all the innovation of the original going for it with the added benefit of providing a great-looking piece that you can be proud to display in any room. Since the vast majority of the space it takes up is parallel to the wall, this modern update on a time-tested classic is capable of transforming even the tightest of spaces into functional living space. It also lends itself well to an open floor plan like a loft or great room, providing elegant guest accommodations along with contemporary style.

These beds are just two great space-saving ideas that can add a dimension of comfort to your home. They have the clever distinction of being both practical and chic and greatly enhance the look and functionality of your living space.

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