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When designing a house from the ground up, certain trends are emerging which new home buyers are beginning to insist upon for the sake of comfort, organization and even productivity. The modern home functions as much more than just a place to live, so in order to be functional, certain features and amenities are beginning to grow in priority and popularity. Here are a few of the things new home buyers are beginning to describe as “must haves” for their new (yet not necessarily modest) digs.


An emerging trend over the last decade has been the concept of a centralized entertainment area – one that allows for the necessary escape and retreat at the end of a long day or on a lazy weekend. Call it whatever you want: a rec room, home theater, “man cave” – these terms can all be used to describe the same thing.

New home buyers are recognizing the importance of having a designated place at home to relax, unwind and let the stress evaporate. An area of the home designated strictly for recreation and entertainment fills that need.


There is much to be said for having  “a place for everything and everything in its place.” This is why so many new home buyers are also insisting on homes with ample storage capability. We are talking about much more than a repository for “stuff” (as so many attics, basements and garages become) but also a place where our “stuff” can be easily accessed without invading our living environment. This is why many new homes are being built with well-planned and designed closet and storage spaces that perform well when it comes to blending in with their environment.

Being able to reduce or eliminate clutter makes for a stress-free environment and a cleaner, more functional home. Ample closet spaces – even those with specific designations (shoes, seasonal clothes, linens, cleaning supplies, etc.) – can make a huge difference when the time comes to clean, tidy or just organize.


There is just no way of escaping it: the concept of the 9-to-5 job is rapidly vanishing from the equation. Many of us routinely bring work home and an increasing number of people are also figuring out ways to telecommute or ditch the commute altogether and go into business for themselves. Regardless of the scenario, there has to be a scheme in place that allows the home to be a place that is not only comfortable and organized but also productive.

Home offices are hardly a new concept but the purpose and structure of them has changed drastically with the advent of the Information Age. It has also become much easier to wrangle one’s business effects into a contained space into a space that is conducive to concentration. A home office should have ample space and be situated in a way that provides minimal distractions.

The end result of the proper execution of these new home must-haves is a home that functions like a home in the new millennium should: with balance, efficiency and a focused attention on comfort.


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