Organizing Desk Drawers

It can be quite a challenge achieving a workspace that is efficient and puts everything you need at your fingertips. Not only do you have to find the proper desk, but you also need to be able to arrange and organize the drawers in a way that makes things easy to find and manage.

Desk drawers often make up the biggest storage areas in your office and figuring out the best ways to organize them can be a challenge. Here are a few ways you can get your desk drawers organized and increase your productivity.

Evaluate Your Drawer Space
At a first glance, what sorts of things will fit neatly into each drawer? Make a mental note of some of the things you will want in certain places, then start writing down where you are going to put what.

Arrange Things Logically
Try to arrange things to be stored together that actually go together like computer accessories, office supplies (like paper clips, staples and white-out) and stationery. Be sure that everything fits in the space to which it is assigned. How many hours have many of us wasted “unjamming” desk drawers that are stuffed with items that don’t fit?

Arrange By Importance
What items should get “top drawer” treatment? Which ones do you not use as often that you can store in another drawer or someplace else all together? Are there drawers deep enough to hold things like toner cartridges and reams of paper so you don’t have to get up to gather these things every time they’re needed?

Use Good Storage Aids
In-drawer organizers, file boxes and other similar items can help boost productivity by not only keeping things visible, but also keeping them in one place. It is much easier to fill your stapler with staples if you don’t have to fish the staples out of a sea of paper clips or push pins.

Getting Organized
Now that you know what you want to do, how are you going to do it? One thing is clear: you can’t organize a mess. You have to eliminate the mess and start putting things back in a logical way.

With that in mind, empty out your desk. Try grouping items together by size and importance. Remember that not everything deserves to be labeled “important.” Necessary? Sure. Important? That depends on how often you use it. It might be necessary to have that toner cartridge handy but is it important that it be right there when you’re only going to change it once in a while?

Fill the top drawer and the closest adjacent drawer with the things you use all the time. If your desk has a narrow sliding top drawer, limit storage to things like pens and pencils. Don’t try to jam your three-hole punch or stapler in there. Try to maintain some empty space as well so that you have room for new supplies or so you can replenish supplies easily.

Following these few steps will help you create a more efficient work space that is conducive more to productivity and less to stress.

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