Organizing Kids’ Rooms

For many, the “get together” time of year is drawing close and that means guests will once again be seeing your house. Make no mistake – people snoop! This is the reason why every corner of the house needs to be spotless and that includes your child’s or children’s space.

The easy way out is to just clean it yourself, but what about instilling good habits in our kids about cleanliness and order? Here are a few tips for helping the kids get the job done and a few suggestions for effective tools of the trade.

Look at the Room From a Child’s Perspective

Get down closer to the floor, especially if you have younger children and teach them the kinds of things to look for. Teach them to look under the bed or underneath furniture for things that don’t belong there.

Remember that organizing techniques that work for adults will not necessarily work for kids. Things can’t be hung too high and fixtures, furniture and storage solutions can’t be too heavy or difficult to manage. Keep it simple and come up with a good plan.

Plastic storage that is set close to the floor will be more likely to be utilized than old dressers that have sticky or heavy drawers. Select storage options that are kid-friendly and make them accessible.

Make it Simple

Children’s rooms are generally smaller than other rooms in the house and are often shared by two or more kids. They also don’t often have built-in storage solutions (but don’t forget that we can help with that 🙂 ). Children’s rooms are also the most likely to become cluttered with old toys and out-of-season clothing. Children cannot be expected to learn organization if their personal living space is a cluttered mess.

Sort through all the clothing and have storage spots for out-of-season clothing. If the clothing has also been outgrown between last season and this, you now have an easy conveyance system for all your unused kids’ clothes to your local charity clothing drive.

There are also likely to be clothes that never get worn. Sit down with your kids and decide together which of these 30 t-shirts is going to make the cut. When finished, do the same with the toys that cover up every square inch of walking space right now.

Keep Toys Contained

Small shoe box-sized containers are perfect for toys with small parts. It will make those parts easier to find than would heaping them all into one huge chest. Increase the size of the containers incrementally with the sizes of the items going in them. Consider using storage items designed specifically for certain things like video games and electronics.

Keeping everything contained also helps keep things controlled. Teach your kids that if they want to play with their favorite snap-together building blocks, the toy cars need to be put away first.

Label Everything

It is much easier to stay organized when you know what is in every container. Doing this, along with our other suggestions, will keep your kids rooms organized longer and make the eventual cleanup easier.

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