Organizing Sports Equipment

If you take part in sports, whether seasonally or all year, keeping your equipment organized ensures it is accessible when you need it. In fact, it is an elementary part of staying on your “A” game. When space is a consideration, though, it can be a challenge finding a place for everything. Finding ways to keep things together and in logical order requires a bit more effort and thought. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your equipment well organized and accessible when you need it.

Designate a Place for Everything
Purpose a single area where you will store all your gear. A portion of your garage, a utility closet, shed or other unused or under-utilized storage area can all serve as functional storage for your sports equipment.

Designating one central place for everything will make things easy to find and eliminate the stress of searching all over the house for last season’s cleats. Try to select a space that is well ventilated to hold permeating odors at bay and discourage growth of mold or fungus or the possibility of mold. Making certain that equipment is dry and clean before storing will also help in this regard.

Maximize Floor Space
Store all your various balls in mesh or duffel bags that have drawstrings or handles so they can be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. This will free up a considerable amount of floor space.

Hang a slat wall for storing racquetball or tennis rackets and even bikes as well as other smaller pieces like single golf clubs or Croquet mallets. Tie the laces of your athletic shoes together and hang them on your slat wall, too. Now you won’t ever find yourself rummaging through piles of random shoes on the floor searching for the right ones; they will all be right in front of you.

Get Creative
You can also find practical and functional solutions that will work fine for some equipment. Hockey sticks, Lacrosse sticks and baseball bats, can have their own unique spot on a slat wall storage system. These systems keep your equipment clean and off the ground.  Equipment that is well-paired with its storage solution will remain neat and stay put.

Use Good Containers
Storage cabinets are a great solution for the things you use most often and for those that you only use occasionally. There are plenty of storage solutions either uniquely suited or specifically designed for sports equipment. Adopt a “right container for the job” mentality and don’t skimp on storage. Sports equipment often represents a considerable investment so it is well worth protecting as best as possible.

Creating functional, central space for all your sporting equipment will prove to be a big motivator for training and practice, and it will allow you to stay focused on the game.

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