Organizing the Laundry Room

It’s one room in your home that often goes overlooked – the laundry room. Whether it’s an actual room or just a dedicated corner of your basement, your laundry room should be not only functional, but also capable of maximizing your time. With the right system in place, it can. Here are a few ideas to help make it happen.

1. Consolidate, Sort and Transport
Begin by making the process of collecting, sorting and transporting the laundry easy. Make sure there are hampers in every bedroom and in the bathroom. Two-section ones for lights and darks are ideal. Make sure the hampers are lightweight and hold just enough to get everybody to transport them to the laundry room when they get full.

When the laundry makes it into the laundry room, three receptacles should be ready to receive the plunder: one for darks, one for lights and one for delicates and hand-washables. Keep these bins as close to the washer as possible and get everybody into the routine of sorting properly.

2. Create a Pre-Treat Station.
Be sure to have everything you need to pre-treat in easy reach. Giving them their own counter is a great way to keep supplies close and have a place to spread out the clothes to make sure no spot is left un-dabbed. This is a good place to keep a sewing kit to deal immediately with those dangling buttons before that shirt goes in the wash.

3. Use a collapsible drying rack.
The best part about these is that they store away and don’t take up space when they aren’t needed. We all have those few garments we jut don’t want to put in the dryer so be sure they have someplace to go when they come out of the machine that doesn’t involve being draped over a chair or splayed over top of said machine.

4. Install a table or counter for folding.
This should be situated as close to the dryer as possible since they will be your clothes’ final stop before being sent back into battle. Plan on a surface large enough to handle one large load’s worth at a time.

5. Shelves, shelves, shelves.
Shelves keep things in easy reach. There should be one shelf above the washer for detergent and other laundry aids. There should also be one above the dryer to keep softener sheets and other drying aids nearby. You may even consider installing a shelf to hold extra towels and linens so the same ones don’t get used over and over again and wear out prematurely. When dirty ones come in, that’s the time to clear that space. They can also hold seasonal items like down comforters and flannel sheets.

6. Use a retractable ironing board.
This just makes good sense. Install an ironing board that’s there when you need it, but disappears when you don’t.

These are just a few ways to maximize the functionality of your laundry room and provide yourself with a space where everyone’s favorite chore can be easier and more enjoyable.

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