Organizing Your Custom Closet System

Custom Closet Design

An unorganized closet can frustrate you when you can’t find what you want. With a closet organization system, on the other hand, you’ll be able to quickly find the clothing and accessories you need for work, school or a social outing.

Consider inviting a friend over for company. If you decide to go solo, listen to your favorite music or podcasts as you work. The truth is that when people organize their closets, 50 percent to 60 percent of its contents may be permanently removed. Let’s get started.

Get a supply of plastic bags. Put the items from your closet into them as you sort. Your wearables will be in the following categories: retain, repair, trash, donate, consign, reconsider and recycle. The same process applies to shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories.

Remove everything from your closet. The job my seem overwhelming at first, but the work will be worth it.

Discard selected items. Items to trash include broken hangers, receipts you don’t need and anything that you will not have repaired.

Recycle. Put plastic bags, brown paper bags and magazines into this bag.

Try on each item. If it doesn’t fit, put it into the appropriate bag. Keep the clothes and accessories that you wear regularly. Also hold onto a cold-weather coat and a raincoat. Keep pieces that do double duty for work and glam events.

Visit a shop. If clothing fits but the style is not you or it’s no longer in vogue, clean it and donate it to a thrift shop or take it to a consignment shop. Contact the shops to make sure that they accept the brands, designers and types of items you have. Read their terms and conditions. Items donated to a thrift shop should be no more than five years old.

Decide about reconsider. Stand before a mirror and try on every item. Decide whether to hem or otherwise repair or to donate or consign.

Tend quickly to items needing repair. Once you decide to fix an item, do it promptly. Otherwise, it may be months before you get the job done.

Clean and decorate your closet. Now that everything’s out, clean your closet thoroughly using a vacuum. If you have a walk-in closet, consider wallpapering the walls or hanging pictures on them.

Organize when putting items back. Now that your closet organzation system is in high gear, return items to your closet by ordering them according to size, color and season. Use durable hangars. Put several extra ones in the front of your closet. Put clothes for the current season in the front. Place blazers and shirts near the front and dresses near the back. After items are cleaned and repaired, put them where they belong.

Your effort has paid off in an organized closet. Keep it that way for a simpler life that allows you to concentrate on important tasks.

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