Organizing Your Drawers

The bedroom is one of the most quickly and easily disorganized rooms in our homes and our dressers are among the messiest parts of it. Before getting frustrated with once again having to riffle through three piles of stuff to find that one missing sock, we’d like to offer you a few easy tips for keeping things neat and organized in those drawers.

1. Start from scratch.
It is impossible to organize a mess. You have to sweep away the entire mess and start with a clean slate (or, in this case, a completely empty drawer).

2. Declutter.
Use this opportunity to weed out items that you haven’t worn – or even touched – in a while and get rid of them. De-cluttering the drawers is a great first step to getting them organized.

3. Make piles of similar items.
Clear out some floor or bed space and start simply tossing like items into piles. This may seem like it’s creating a bunch of smaller messes out of one big one, but keeping like items together will make everything in the pile easier to find in the long run.

4. Delegate each pile to a drawer or section of a drawer.
Start folding the items in each pile and start transferring them back to the drawers, making sure to keep everything in each pile in its designated space. One drawer can be reserved for workout clothes,
another for t-shirts, etc.

5. Designate Similar Piles to Drawers.
Put your items back in the dresser drawers according to the similar piles you created. For example, designate one drawer to tank tops only or, one drawer for t-shirts only.

6. Combine when needed.
If drawer space is at a premium, select similar piles and combine them. Then, you can delegate both piles to one drawer and it will still be much easier to find things and keep the drawer organized.

7. Use separators and other storage enhancements.
Use drawer separators to divide the socks and the underwear, or just dress socks from casual socks. Compartmentalizing the drawer will make it easier to find the exact item you need and keep the drawer perpetually neat.

Separating clothes in this way can also eliminate the guesswork when it comes to casual vs. work attire. Dressier shirts can be folded and placed in one section, more casual shirts in another.

8. Color code it.
Do you have trouble telling navy from black when socks and shirts are all stored together? Consider separating certain garments by color and by style. Store plain tees in one section, graphic and logo tees in another. Do the same for navy vs. black dress socks or hose.

You can also separate by whites (or lights) and colors (or darks) to make it easier to put away the laundry.

These are jut a few ideas and ways to implement them. Once you have a strategy in place, you can break the process down into as many (or as few) steps as you want to make it easy for you to find the things you need in your drawers.

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