Organizing Your Sports Equipment

Do you or a family member participate in sports either seasonally or year-round? If so, keeping all your equipment organized and accessible when it is needed is essential for being able to stay focused and on top of your game. The problem, though, is that when you’re working with limited space, it is not always easy to find a place for everything. Being able to keep everything together logically requires a bit more thought. Here are a few ways to keep your equipment organized and at the ready when you need it.

Decide On a Central Storage Area
Designate a particular single area for your gear. This could be a section of your garage, an unused utility closet, a shed or other storage space. Keeping everything in one place will, in and of itself, make things easier to find and, even better – you won’t have multiple areas of your home smelling like a locker room. Along those lines, the space you choose should be amply ventilated to prevent permeating odors or the possibility of mold. Make sure any equipment you store in that space is dry when it goes in there.

Invest in Containers
Storage containers are your friend, especially when it comes to the stuff you use often. The more delicate your equipment, the more protection you will want for it. There are storage solutions that are geared for specific purposes and sports equipment is no exception. To protect your investment, it is always best to err on the side of caution and invest in storage solutions that are designed for their specific purpose.

Employ Practical Solutions
On the heels of that last statement about using the right storage solutions, there are also functional, practical solutions that work just as well for more durable (and especially seasonal) equipment. For example, hockey sticks, baseball bats, LaCrosse sticks can all be stored in circular containers like a sturdy (and CLEAN) plastic trash bin and will stay wrangled to one corner of your equipment room. Just be sure that the equipment isn’t more than twice as tall as the container and it should stay put and keep things neat.

Free up Floor Space
Consider storing different kinds of balls together using mesh bags or duffel bag. Bags with handles can be hung on walls or even suspended from ceilings and liberate loads of floor space. Consider hanging a peg board for hanging tennis or racquetball racquets.

Another neat trick involves tying the laces of athletic shoes together and hanging them on hooks as opposed to just tossing them in a corner. Now it’s easy to see which pair is which and there’s no searching through a huge pile for every shoe’s mate. You might even decide to toss a few moth balls in the ones you aren’t going to wear for a while to make sure they don’t stink up the joint or develop mold.

Creating a functional space for your sports equipment will serve to enhance the enjoyment of your sport, motivate you to practice and train, and keep you focused on the one thing we all love most about competitive activities: winning!

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