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Custom Closet Design

Nearly every morning, you encounter difficulties while getting ready for work. Sometimes, you spend thirty minutes attempting to locate a favorite outfit in your cluttered, unorganized closet. Unfortunately, when you finally find what you’re desperately searching for, they are often wrinkled. If you can relate to this scenario, you might be counting down the days until you receive a custom closet from Custom Closets & More your Naples Florida closet designers. Before selecting your closet design, consider the following five things.

Determine Your Purpose

Preparing for a Closet design should always preclude purchasing a storage unit. Determining your purpose for a new closet is the first thing you need to mark of your closet preparation checklist. Perhaps, you simply want to update the look of an older closet. Or, you might desire to start applying makeup in your closet in addition to putting on your clothing. You may even want to create a relaxing retreat where you can sit and admire your belongings.

Ascertain Your Design Style

Before ordering your new storage system from Closet Designers Naples Florida, you need to ascertain your design style. Do you gravitate toward sleek, modern designs? If you adore modern styles, you might wish to incorporate straight lines and metal into your new closet. Those who love country charm might include reclaimed wood and other rustic finishes in their new storage units.

Consider the Need for Sharing

Will you need to share your closet with another family member such as a spouse, a sibling, or a child? If your closet will be utilized by more than one person, you must determine what percentage of the storage unit each person will need. For example, you might require 80 percent of the closet space while your spouse only needs 20 percent of it.

Complete an Inventory of Items

While Preparing for a Closet design, you should complete an inventory of all of your clothing, accessory, and shoe items. This task will help you determine what type of storage solutions you need. For instance, you might have two times more pants than shorts in your current closet. Because pants are obviously longer than shorts, they will take up more space in your new storage system. Is your current space filled with folded items? Drawers and open shelves are great options for storing folded pieces of clothing.

Assess Space Constraints

To plan for a new storage system, you must assess your space constraints. Carefully measure the inside of your closet to ascertain how much room you have for a new organizational unit. Provide your closet design specialist with a list of these measurements.

For some people, creating a new closet is an unforgettable, exciting experience. After attaining your new storage space, you might actually look forward to getting ready for work each day.

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