Redecorating Ideas for Empty Nesters

Watching one’s last child move out of the home and begin a new life of their own can be a very emotional time, but there are also many parents who look forward to having the chance to redecorate their home and their child’s old room to bring in a new period in their lives. And if you do look forward to this there are many ideas vying for your attention.

Re-purposing Bedrooms

Popular choices for bedroom reassignment are guest rooms or home offices, and that’s something that will never change. New trends seem to be to transform them into “specialty spaces” like yoga rooms or walk-in closets.

Some people turn their rooms into hobby rooms, craft rooms or a place to display objects that have been packed away for years. If there are not many extra rooms to play with, you can use a room for several purposes at once, like a guest room and an office or media room.

Changing the Furniture

One important way to re-purpose a room is to change the furniture around. In order to get the most space for the new purpose of your room, especially if it’s a multi-purpose room, one good item to install is a Murphy or fold-away bed. These can be folded behind custom cabinetry when necessary. Those cabinets can also be used to store things, making them serve a dual purpose.

For multi-purpose rooms, fold-away furniture is the best option. Sewing and cutting tables can be folded away and stored, and sewing machines stored away. If you would like a sitting room or a den, a hide-a-bed can be a good way to also offer guests a place to stay.

Things to Save

Though sometimes it might be tempting to completely empty a room of all of its features to change the way it looks completely, there are a few things to consider before making any truly permanent changes. Closet space, for instance, is an important feature to have in any home. Removing the doors and hanging rods can be done in order to create bookshelves, but the walls should remain intact.

Consult the Children

Many children, strangely enough, are concerned about what happens to their old bedrooms, wanting to keep the feeling of being able to go home to familiar objects. If parents don’t want to keep their rooms the same, it’s good to have a discussion with their kids about the plans to re-purpose the rooms. It will help to lessen the shock of seeing their rooms repurposed and changed when they return home. Be sure to let them know that their things are not gone, only packed away and moved to an attic or basement, to be taken whenever they wish to their new living space.

Planning a new room can be very exciting, though it’s important to remember to consider everyone’s feelings, take into account all the things that should be saved, and make the best choices for everyone involved…especially the empty-nesters.

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