Study shows installing closets sells homes faster!

So here in Naples, Florida the housing market is coming back and new construction is on the rise.  New communities are popping up all around bringing new ideas for floor plans, new kitchen and bath ideas, and all of the new lessons learned from a “pause” in the economy.   Walking through many new model homes I have noticed that builders are still not respecting a buyers need for space, and more importantly building value by including quality storage systems or really considering how buyers use space.  The prices for new homes are rising, kitchens are getting more glamorous and functional.  Open the pantry door to find….  C’mon wire shelves!  Nobody wants this junk anymore, why waste resources even displaying this in a MODEL that is priced over 600K!


So maybe you missed this little detail and continued into the master bedroom, which is huge, bright and inviting and take a peek into the closet to find something like these…

IMG_3633IMG_3661the door into closet should be to the right, creating another wall for storage.






wire shelving…who uses this anymore?  Put the double hang on the back wall, too much long hang, no shelving, no adjustability, limited capacity, the list goes on and on.






getting better, but the connection center doesn’t need to be this low.  It is blocking efforts to find storage.  How often are we accessing this panel? Twice- when we move in and hook up the cable, and when the security system battery dies!



Some builders are making attempts to change the paradigm of what is a quality storage system, while maintaining profits.  In the past, most semi-custom and production home builders are looking to make their lives easier, by limiting the amount of choices a potential buyer has to make.  By doing this they can increase profits by only offering options that have a big markup they can sell in an option center, and decrease the base price of the home to attract buyers.  Not the worst philosophy in the world, this is a business for profit, but creating value should be important.  Thinking a little more about how buyers use space once we move in should be considered, (this is building value), I often say, “the first thing your architect is going to forget about is your closets.”

Here are pictures of builders making efforts to show the possibilities and incorporating modern closet systems to get buyers to interested.

This closet is BIG! Nice focal point with drawers as you walk in.  Pickled oak finish dates the product and misses in the modern finishes department.  Limited adjustability for shelving and hanging will frustrate the buyer in the future.  Because it is plywood construction, it’s solid looking, but a melamine system would give more options with capacity, adjustability, color and accessory options.


IMG_3668 IMG_3670 IMG_3665









This closet was nice, but the architect could have helped by placing the door in the middle of the closet, allowing the left wall to be used.  I know builders hate pocket doors, but for closets they are important to consider.  Swinging doors into a closet is not smart if you don’t have a deep closet deep enough.  I would have centered the drawers on the entry to have a better looking focal point.  The color choice for this closet is too dark making it look smaller, there are plenty of lighter wood grain colors or an ivory to gain a natural brightness in this smaller master closet.





including accessories in the model is great.






IMG_3657using the new “flush cams” would look better here…  There is only one company right now offering the “flush cam”…I will give you one guess who it is!











By using the flush cam, we can cover the fastener to make it disappear for a cleaner, professional looking installation.






IMG_3656Not the best installation here of the top shelves.  They were probably cut too deep or the machine placing the cam is off by a few millimeters.   The line boring is set back too far so adding doors or drawers in the future would be harder.  This also sets your hanging rods back too far eliminating any air circulation and could allow bigger clothes to get musty.

You get what you pay for!



So what is the point of this rant?  BUILDING VALUE SELLS HOMES FASTER!

If you (the builder) create the impression that you are INCLUDING value in your product by seriously considering how important having efficient storage will be to your customers, they will slow down while visiting your model…

wait, did you say slow down???  why did I say that?  what does this mean?  If you’re a  builder with a series of homes lined up for buyers to preview, then you know how important it is to slow perspective buyers down and keep them in your model center.  Why is this so important?  Studies show that, in a “trap fence” situation, where buyers have to enter and exit through the sales office most buyers will spend on average 3 minutes per home.       ….Think about how people buy homes now, they research online, create a schedule for themselves to see as many as possible in one day and start walking!  If you are slowing your buyer down, they are taking a deeper look, they are mentally placing their furniture in the room, they are envisioning themselves using the kitchen…  Installing a custom closet system, as well as upgrading the kitchen, has shown to increase the average amount of time spent in that model home to 30 minutes!!  That’s HUGE!  That equals a SALE!  If someone doesn’t buy your home after spending 30 minutes looking at it, YOU NEED A BETTER SALES STAFF!  Consider the cost of advertising, overhead, cash flow… If they drive to your model center, YOU NEED TO SELL THEM SOMETHING!  The cost of a closet system in a model is peanuts compared to the interest spent on NOT selling a home…

BUT, if you’re going to spend the money to upgrade your model, TALK to us about your closet layouts BEFORE you decide to build it.  We can keep your design team/architect from making mistakes that would keep us from designing the perfect closet or pantry…  We have the technology with our ORGDesign 3D software to design, preview and price a solution for every floor-plan you have.  Our company has the highest quality product in our industry, with the fastest production times available.  We are licensed (CGC062084), don’t use subcontractors and carry some of the highest worker’s comp and liability limits available.  Need another reason to do business with us?  We are a full service glass contractor as well (mirrors, shower doors, windows etc).  Come and check out our showroom located in Bonita Springs and see the product for yourself.  Get some answers, and if your builder doesn’t offer our ORG Home products, INSIST ON IT!  or make an appointment with our team so come move in day, your closets are ready!

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