Three Tips for Pantry Organization for the Holidays

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If you enjoy cooking for your family or entertaining guests, then year-round pantry organization makes the process easier. However, during the holiday season, you might bake special treats more often or serve tasty alcoholic beverages, and pantry organization for the holidays can help to streamline the process of baking cookies, cakes and other desserts in addition to making daily food preparation easier.

1: Organizing Basic Food Goods for Family Meals

Most families are incredibly busy during the holidays because they might travel across the country for Thanksgiving or because they have numerous religious or school programs to attend. This is the time of year when some homemakers begin to rely on restaurant or junk food for meals because there isn’t enough time to prepare a healthy meal. To save time, you can organize your kitchen’s pantry by consolidating the things needed for daily menus. Choose an area of the pantry to store canned, boxed or bagged foods such as pasta, vegetables and fruit next to the implements required to cook the meal. With this method, you can cut your food preparation time in half, making it possible to continue eating healthy home-cooked meals.

2: Have a Pantry Section for Cocktail Ingredient Storage

If you like to serve cocktails such as wine or hard liquor to your guests during the holidays, then devote a section of your pantry to bottles of wine, whiskey or other alcoholic beverages. To make it easy to mix a drink, have the wineglasses stored on a special rack that holds the items by the stems. With this method, the glassware does not collect dust or tip over accidentally. Have everything needed to prepare drinks such as:

• Stirrers
• Shakers
• Glassware
• Ice buckets
• Corkscrews
• Beer mugs
• Can openers
• Strainers

For additional protection, you might want to have a childproof lock on this section of the pantry.

3: Create a Baking and Candy-making Pantry Area for the Holiday Season

Pantry organization for the holidays requires having a baking section to make it faster to prepare pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies or chocolate fudge. If you have your mixing bowls, candy thermometer and baking sheets scattered in different kitchen cabinets, then baking holiday treats is frustrating and time-consuming. Gather all of the foodstuffs and equipment needed for making candy or baking desserts to place the items in one area of your kitchen’s pantry. If you have a lot of small gadgets such as cookie cutters and measuring spoons, then use small plastic baskets to store the devices for fast retrieval.

Customize Your Kitchen’s Pantry

When your pantry doesn’t have good storage, it is a good idea to have it customized with pull out drawers or shelves. A professional designer can help you to maximize the pantry space and create a specialized pantry system specifically for your needs. Proper pantry storage systems can make the busy holiday season easier to cope with by saving time along with keeping your kitchen clean and welcoming.

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