Tips for Organizing Your Closets

There are few things in life that are bigger stress-inducers than knowing that something is in your closet but not being able to find it. Add to the frustration that you have to leave the house in half an hour and you NEED that particular tie or skirt to wear for a major meeting or presentation. Without proper organization, your morning just got worse and no amount of coffee is going to quell the rage.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to this problem. It is possible to get your closet organized and keep it that way so that when you go hunting for the perfect outfit or accessory, you need not waste the entire morning doing so. You have heard the old proverb that says, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” From ancient wisdom springs necessity in the modern world. Here are a few ways to implement the spirit of that proverb and reduce your blood pressure at the same time.

Inventory Your Closet
What is in there right now? If there are things lurking in the corners and crevices, the space is neither optimized nor organized. Start by seeking out items that you have not touched in a while. If that sweater has sat in the same spot for three winters, chances are good it isn’t going to be worn again anytime soon. Remove it from the equation. The same goes for anything you may find in there: shoes, accessories, old knick-knacks, etc. All by itself, this one simple act will liberate more space than you might imagine.

One you’ve decided what is going to stay in the closet, you can start organizing to accommodate everything that makes the final cut. The rest can be stored or donated (the latter makes more sense).

Utilize Wall and Door Space
Consider installing hooks for hanging bathrobes or coats. Insides of closet doors are perfect for hanging a tie or belt rack, even a cascading shoe organizer.

Add Some Light
A dimly-lit closet is the perfect hiding place for that tie we mentioned earlier, even if it proves to be “hiding” in plain sight. Older homes are especially vulnerable when it comes to lighting closets. If your space doesn’t have any hard-wired lighting, an investment of under $20 will allow easy installation of a battery-powered LED lamp that will avert many early-morning crises. Add one central light and install a few on individual shelves to make sure that everything is easily visible and identifiable.

Group Similar Items Together
One of the keys to good organization is to not have to guess where something is or spend too much time hunting for it. Hang all your shirts or tops together. Keep your shoes together. Outerwear, accessories – you get the idea. Consider grouping clothes by color and style so you know exactly where to look for clothes for work or play.

These four simple things can go a long way toward getting and keeping your closet space organized and efficient leaving you to the more important task of getting on with your day.

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