Tips for Storage With A Small Closet or Kid’s Closets

Having a smaller-than-usual closet is often a problem with small city apartments or kid’s rooms. Unfortunately, that just goes with the territory. However, with a little creativity and some organizational planning, you can make the most of the small space your closets afford.

Take Into Account What You Need From The Closet

If your small closet is in the bedroom, do you have enough shelf space? Is there enough room to both hang things and put things on shelves? Take into account your child’s needs, if this is for their room. Smaller children tend to have more folded clothes than older children. Also make sure that there is a place for dirty clothing. Once children can dress themselves, they can get into the habit of using the hamper themselves as well.

What Other Things Need To Be Stored in the Closet?

Does your child need space to store their toys as well as clothes? If you can fit a bin or shelves for toys into the closet, great. But if you can’t, you can also use other methods of storage. For small toys like blocks, an under-bed box on rollers is great. This is also a good solution for extra blankets or bedding.

Closet walls are other good storage solutions. Shelves for books or hanging clips for stuffed animals make smart use of available space.

Plan To Let The Closet Grow as Your Child Does

Even if you have a small closet space, plan for your child’s growing needs. Plan to let toy storage give way to electronics storage or book storage. Plan for more hanging clothes and less folded clothing space.

Other Non-Closet Solutions for Storage

If you’ve maxed out your organized closet space, there are other solutions, of course. Lifting the bed up on risers to make more storage space beneath the bed is one way. Storage trunks can hold out of season clothes, or extra blankets. You can work with the walls, installing shelving or wall units to hold things like books or other items.

Baskets are a good and attractive way to store things in plain sight, especially soft items like throws, towels or stuffed animals.

If you have room, a free-standing wardrobe is another way of creating extra storage without a huge remodel of a bedroom. If the wardrobe is in a child’s room, however, be sure to anchor it to the wall.

Consider De-cluttering

One more way of solving a storage issue, though some may consider it drastic, is de-cluttering (getting rid of items you don’t need anymore). Many people are not happy if they’re buried in too many things. Going through possessions periodically, and getting rid of things that you don’t need is a good way to maintain your organization and keep your closets neat and functional. Be sure to ask yourself about your possessions. Do you really want or need them? If not, get rid of them. Being surrounded by only things you love and have use for is a good way to keep yourself and your home pleasing and comfortable.

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