Top 10 Closet Must-Haves

It’s an all-too-familiar picture: clothes piled on the floor, piles of shoes thrown in the corner, clothes rods weighed down to their breaking points, and the list goes on from there. Most closets look more like disaster areas; it’s just a simple fact. There are, however, ways to get things neatly organized that will enhance the look and functionality of your closet.

Please bear in mind that this list assumes that your closet has some space. Even if it doesn’t, though, you are sure to find some great ideas that will make great use of even a tiny closet space. We may even inspire you to create a new space to implement these great ideas!

1. Dresser Island
A dresser island truly convert closet space into a one-stop solution for all your wardrobe needs. If your walk-in has the space for it, this is one accessory to give serious consideration.

2. Pull-out Ironing Board
A Murphy Bed-style ironing board is also a great addition to a walk-in. Found the perfect pair of pants but they’ve been hiding in a back corner for a while? No problem! A quick press and you’re off and running!

3. Shoe Cubby Holes or designated cabinets
Really, what closet couldn’t use these? It definitely beats kicking your shoes into a pile. It also makes them easy (and let’s just say it – possible) to find.

4. Jewelry and Accessory Cabinet
Consider a customized cabinet for jewelry, watches and accessories. You can even section it off for “his” and “hers.” Find the perfect necklace, bracelet or bangle to compliment your outfit, and find it fast.

5. Hooks for Everything
Sometimes you just want to be able to ditch the baggage and get on with things. A few easy-access hooks that can accommodate outerwear and purses just might keep those things from landing on the couch.

6. Pants Rack
Are those pants black or navy? Do you even have time to worry about it in the morning? A well-organized pants rack eliminates the guesswork and keeps your morning routine running at a routine pace.

7. Display Cabinets
Bring the shoes up to eye-level or keep your sweaters organized with a few simple cubby-style open cabinets. You can add adjustable shelving and repurpose the space by season or just by changing needs.

8. Glass Enclosures
This is a great way to keep clean clothes looking their best. Keep them free of dust and easily visible all the time. Again, the less that is left to guess when you’re in a hurry, the better.

9. Drawer Dividers
Remember that dresser island we talked about? Take it one step further with drawer dividers! They are another great way to keep every item in a drawer neat and organized.

10. Tie Rack
Admit it – you never wear your best ties because it’s impossible to find them. This is a simple solution but it will help you keep your wardrobe looking fresh and will keep your best ties in the rotation.

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