Wall Beds: A History

Among the numerous ways there are to maximize the space in your home, a wall bed is an enduring and evolving way to do it, even if you live in a studio or other small space. With the recent surge of interest in tiny houses and our ever-tightening budgets forcing us to make living decisions based more on cost than on available space, making good use of that space is more of a priority than ever. Wall beds are a practical – and often elegant – addition to a small space.

The History of the Wall Bed

Back in 1884, William L. Murphy had taken up residence in SanFrancisco. He was living in a tiny studio apartment but had a penchant for entertaining. Certain rules of etiquette have evolved over the years but back when Murphy has his creative spark, it was considered poor taste to entertain women at home in a room with a bed.

Being that he only had one room (and loved to entertain), Murphy had to come up with a solution that wouldn’t make him look like a cad. The solution: find a way to hide the bed until it was needed. He figured out that he could fold it up and have it lay flush against the wall while not in use. Murphy was so inspired by his own ingenious idea that he immediately set his mind to ways he could improve upon it.

Just a few years later, in the very early 1900s, the then-named “Murphy Bed” was granted a patent and mass production began. The beds were particularly popular in major cities where spacious apartments were few and out of range for all but the particularly well-off.

By the early 1920’s, Murphy Beds were being produced at rates topping 50,000 per year. Over the decades, they risen and declined in popularity but are now making a huge comeback.  the last revival of this magnitude happened during the 1970s during a period of time when economic recession was forcing many to relocate to smaller, more affordable living spaces.

Wall Beds Today

Today, wall beds are much more than just a space-saving solution for a smaller spaces. They are stylish and classy and add a bit of flair to any living space. Modern versions showcase all the best of the original with the additional benefit of modern technology and style.

Modern updates on the classic time-honored Murphy Bed allow you to completely transform even the smallest rooms and domiciles into functional, multi-purpose living spaces. They also lend themselves well to larger rooms and open spaces and make a great addition to your loft or great room for comfortable and stylish accommodations for guests.

Wall beds are practical space-saving solutions that can create space, add comfort, and bring an element of classic style and sophistication to any home. They can be built right into the wall and hidden away or they can sit flush in true original Murphy Bed style as an artistic and clever conversation piece.

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