When Building a New SWFL Home Don’t Forget the Storage

new SWFL Home

When you’re building a new home in SWFL, there are many things to consider. You’ll need to plan for your current needs as well as your future needs. If you plan on growing into this home with children and pets, keep that in mind when planning your storage solutions.

Purpose of Each Room
As you consider each room of the home, figure out the purpose of the room. From the entry to the bedrooms, every room has a function that should be forefront in your mind during the closet and storage planning.

Closet Systems and Efficiency
Your closets are more than the place you store things you don’t need at the moment. They should make your life easier and more efficient. The spaces as well as the storage solutions in that area should be functional. When building your own home, tackle each room of the design with storage in mind. It’s a blank canvas that you’re able to customize for your future.

Entryway Solutions
This could be the near the front door or in the mudroom since you might come into the home through the garage. It’ll be the hub for the family’s shoes, backpacks and cold weather accessories. You might want to think about creating a large closet here to set up a cubbie system for the children.

Bedroom Closets
Every member of the family has different needs when it comes to their bedroom closet. For yourself, tall hanging space allows for dresses and long items. Hooks are great for belts and purses. Think about the amount of space you’ll need for shoes. Other members of the family might not need tall shelving except for displaying games or storing off-season items. The guest bedrooms would benefit from space to store extra blankets and linens.

Kitchen Pantry
The kitchen pantry can be an open-shelving unit or one that’s hidden behind a closet-like door. Consider what you’ll store in a pantry unit and plan accordingly. The space should reflect your cooking style too.

Laundry Room
This is where you’ll spend time gathering cleaning supplies or attacking your family’s dirty clothing. In this space, you’ll do your ironing or hang delicates. It should reflect the function it’ll perform with plenty of laundry specific storage and open shelving.

Family or Media Room
If you’re a family who loves games or one that likes to enjoy quiet reading, that knowledge should influence the storage space. You’ll need a place to store books, or one that is perfect for hiding messy games. Customized entertainment centers can be a great way to keep the family room space clean and organized.

It’s important that you really think about what each room will be used for in the future. It’s possible that your situation will change in the future when you have children or have to open your home to parents or guests.

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