Where to Start Organizing Your Closet?

A messy closet can be a source for stress. Wen you can’t find what you need when you need it, it can be frustrating. A well-organized closet, on the other hand, can easily make a morning person out of you if it makes it easier to get on with your day. With that in mind, here are a few tips that will help you map out a plan to getting – and keeping – your closet organized.

1. Inventory Your Closet’s Contents.
What is in your closet right now? More to the point, what is in there that doesn’t need to be? Even an organized closet can quickly return to being a disorganized mess if it is full of things that are just taking up space. There are better storage solutions for things we don’t need.

Start by pulling everything out. Yes, it is a chore, but it’s one you will be glad you undertook when you’re done. Get rid of anything that you don’t need or haven’t touched in years. Dump it or donate it, just get it out of there. Liberate that space so it can be properly re-purposed.

2. Use every bit of your closet’s space.
This means utilizing everything, including the walls and door(s). Empty wall sections are perfect candidates for coat hooks and towel racks. Inner doors can house shoes or cleaning supplies. Make full use of floor space and create shelves that are easy to reach. If your closet is taller than you can reach, there are ways to incorporate ladders and step stools that make it easy to get to things in those hard to reach places.

3. Make sure you can see in there.
Lighting is an essential part of getting and keeping a closet organized. Most closets don’t have enough so, while you are in the planning stages (and it is still empty – you did take everything out of there, right?), make sure this is taken care of. You can go as far as having an electrician wire your closet for shelf lighting, but if time and cost are issues, battery-operated LED lights are an effective and much less expensive solution.

4. Keep everything together that belongs together.
Your closet is like any other storage system – it is virtually useless if you don’t know what is in it. Even if your closet is gorgeous and spacious, odds are you don’t want to spend the entire day in it. Keep things in logical places and make sure like items are stored together.

5. Go for quality.
Don’t use cheap solutions for storage or organizing. For example, you want good quality hangers. When all your hangers are the same size and shape, every garment is going to be at the same level and it will keep the closet neat. Pull out all the wire hangers you get from the dry cleaner. They fall under the category of things you don’t need. The fact that they’ve accumulated in a stack on one end of the closet is a clear indicator.

Once you’ve done all this, start re-loading. You will find it much easier to locate everything and odds are the space will stay much neater much longer.

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