Your Laundry Room Oasis: Creating the Perfect Laundry Room

Most people have a tendency to ignore the overall design of their laundry and storage rooms. It’s as if spaces like these are just afterthoughts, even though ewe use them all the time. This is especially true of our laundry rooms. Decorating it with efficiency in mind will make it more comfortable and appealing and this can be accomplished by making a few simple modifications (or even a one or two more complex ones along the way). Here are a few ideas:

Color and Appearance
Choose a color scheme you find interesting. Make it feel welcoming and comfortable. Consider putting in a small desk or comfortable chair. The right creature comforts can create a private nook that is a true oasis away from the rest of the house. A simple coat of paint and a comfy chair can change the entire psychology of your laundry room and make it someplace you actually want to spend time.

Consider adding a lamp and a small bookshelf or magazine rack. A compact stereo or speaker system makes a nice touch and creates an uplifting atmosphere. The idea here is to make it easy to relax in this space.

Essential Equipment
Stat with a simple folding table. This can be set up permanently or taken down to conserve space when not needed. You might also consider a permanent table with a few storage containers beneath for storing seasonal clothing or rarely-used supplies.

Next, add a few racks. Hanging door racks are a great way to maximize space and organize supplies. Wall racks also serve the same purpose and are often more visible and accessible. Have a rack where you keep all your essentials and keep it close to your washer and dryer. Supplies like detergent, fabric softener and stain treatment should be within arm’s length so there is no temptation to leave things lying around creating clutter.

Install the Right Appliances
We did say there would be more complex solutions and the right appliances definitely meet that description. First, determine if your current appliances are suitable for the size of your family and your lifestyle. Next, consider installing an old-fashioned washtub. This makes sense, especially if you have a considerable number of hand-washable items or those that need extended soaking. This eliminates soaking them in the bathtub and eliminates clutter and mess.

Install Shelves
A simple rack may not be adequate to hold all your supplies. You may also appreciate having shelf space for storing blankets, linens and other surplus items that might otherwise take up space in other parts of the house. Keeping them in the laundry room simplifies the process of cleaning and storing them and they can be easily found when they are needed.

These are just a few ways you can take an otherwise drab, nondescript workspace and make it into your new favorite room in your home.

Having the right appliances, surface space and storage solutions are vital for creating a functional and productive space. The atmosphere is also very important. Your laundry room should have good color and personal touches when it comes to its design.

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