Garage Floor coatings
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Garage Floor

High-traffic spaces demand high performance systems.  We use an extremely durable poly urea coating, giving our material four times the strength and 98% more flexibility than epoxy.  The protective polyurea topcoat forms a protective barrier that prevents hot tire pick-up and is resistant to salt, oil, gas and other chemicals that commonly stain floors.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, our coating system is virtually odor free, with ultra-low VOCs.  It can be applied year-round to almost any concrete floor in just one day, with a rapid cure time that allows you to walk on your floor in as soon as 4 to 6 hours.  Backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, our floor coating technology makes us an industry leader.


It is recommended that you maintain your floors with a routine program similar to any good-housekeeping procedures. Thorough sweeping and mopping to remove loose particles and soil along with prompt removal of grease and other contaminants will prevent the Polyurea floor coatings system from early deterioration. Contact us for complete care and maintenance instructions or you can check out the documentation.

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