ORG Forterra CollectionNew Forterra™ products blend bold both form and sustainability to create a sleek, modern storage solution. Forterra products feature engineered panels that deliver sophistication and remarkable strength with longer, thicker, designs that have been impossible, until now.

Modern design

From custom entertainment centers and custom closet solutions, to bookshelves, desks, and mudroom storage, Forterra products deliver clean, crisp elegance with long lines and European-styling. Another unique design element, is that Forterra panels are versatile and can be integrated with ORG Home’s product line for functionality and custom style.

Extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio

An innovatively engineered honeycomb cell structure is securely bonded between the industries most robust panel skins, which are more than double the thickness of those in other bonded-skin panels. This design allows the surface to span up to 60 inches long horizontally and up to 2” thick—dimensions whcich can cause most composite panels to sag without necessary support.

Sustainable, durable solutions

We understand that designing a sustainable solution means creating products that are long-lasting, durable, and a good investment for you. By creating more substance while utilizing less material, the Forterra product line delivers bold, elegant design while saving forest resources. Forterra structured panels showcase sustainability — produced with recycled content and still meeting the low emission requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase II standards.