Ten Questions

#1 Are You Licensed?

Always make certain the company is properly licensed.  Remember, anyone can say they are licensed.  Make them provide you with a copy of the license, and check the expiration date.  You can also call the issuing authority to verify the licensing is in good standing.

What are the risks?  Generally, contractors without licenses do not have them for a reason, which should be an immediate red flag.  Licensing requires passing written tests on codes and building practices, experience and many other aspects that prove they are competent at what they do.

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Absolutely.  We are licensed and uniquely qualified as a state certified General Contractor.  Most of our competitors do not have the same qualifications, and many carry no license whatsoever.

#2 Do You Carry General Liability Insurance?

Make certain the company carries general liability insurance.  This is the insurance that protects your home from damage or negligence by the contractor hired to work at your property.  Remember, anyone can say they are insured.  Make them provide a copy of the insurance certificate, check the liability limits and expiration date.  You can also call the issuing authority to verify the policy is in force.

What are the risks?  If something should go wrong, you have three choices.  1) Pay for the damages and repairs out of your own pocket;      2) Try to recoup your costs from the contractor by filing a lawsuit; 3) Try to collect from your homeowner insurance policy.  Of course, there is no guarantee your loss will be covered.  Insurance companies do their best to protect themselves by having verbiage in the contract that may require you to hire only licensed contractors and prove the work was properly permitted.

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Absolutely.  As a professional company, liability insurance protects not only our business, but your property as well.  Thankfully, we have not ever had the need to file a claim.

#3 Do You Carry Workers Compensation Insurance?

Make certain the company carries worker’s compensation insurance.  It protects you from liability if a worker is injured while on your property.  Be aware, if the contractor does not carry worker’s compensation coverage, you will be liable for injuries that occur on your property.

What are the risks?  Basically, if anyone gets hurt while working on your home, and they are not covered by worker’s compensation insurance, you will be responsible by law for their medical treatments.

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Absolutely.  We are required by State law to carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  As a professional company, we care about our employees and customers.  We have never taken shortcuts with our insurance requirements.

#4 Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Ask your contractor about the warranty, and make certain it is provided in writing.  Never accept a verbal warranty.  The written warranty should clearly spell out what is covered and what is not, as well as how long the warranty is valid.

What are the risks?  With nothing in writing, you have no recourse.  The moment a contractor collects your final payment, you have nothing to protect you against material defects or poor workmanship.

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Absolutely.  We are an authorized ORG Home™ dealer.  Our supplier has been in business since 1988 and continues to lead the industry in home organizational solutions.  From award-winning manufacturing techniques to continued investments in staff and technology, ORG Home™ will always be at the forefront of all innovations regarding home organization.

Backed by the manufacturer’s tremendous financial strength and state-of-the-art technology, we provide you a written Lifetime Warranty on material and labor for our work.

#5 Do You Provide References In Writing?

A good contractor will be happy to provide you with written references.  One of the best ways to gage a company’s ability is to speak with past customers.  Ask how well the company met their promises, if they delivered on time and, most importantly, if they would hire the company again or recommend them to others.

What are the risks?  Basically, you are entering into a relationship with someone on nothing but trust and hope.  Most companies operate in a pattern of repetition.  Hopefully, you hired a contractor that does provide competent work.

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Absolutely.  We provide written references for our work.  We have been in business since 2004, and there is a very good likelihood we have worked in your community.  Please ask your sales person for our references.

You can also read our reviews on Facebook, Google, Houzz, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Angie’s List, and our blog on Wordpress.  We invite you to write your own review once we have completed work in your home.

#6 Will You Provide Me With Written Lien Waivers?

Your contractor should have no problem providing you with a written lien waiver at the end of the job. This is a legal document which say’s you have paid the contractor in full for the services rendered by the contract and the contractor waives his right to place a mechanics lien on your property. A good general contractor will also provide you with lien releases from any sub-contractors that do work on your project such as electricians or plumbers. This protects you in case the contractor doesn’t pay his sub-contractors after you have paid him in full. Without a lien release from the sub-contractors you will be liable for paying them. This amounts to you paying them twice!

What are the risks? Paying for the work twice. The lien laws in Florida favor anyone working on your home and not you. A general contractor can sub-contract work to anyone they choose and not pay them for that work and that sub-contractor can hold you responsible for paying them, no matter if you paid the general contractor already or not.

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Absolutely.  We pay our suppliers in a timely manner, always utilizing discounts for early payment.  Our installers are not sub- contractors but rather our own employees who wear our uniforms and drive our vehicles.  We will be most happy to provide you with a lien waiver upon completion of our work should you so desire.

#7 Who Will Be In Charge Of The Job Once It Starts?

The company should have a foreman or lead carpenter on the job daily.  The responsible party must be familiar with all aspects of your project.  If you are unable to be home while the work is being performed, you will be leaving your house in the care of the contractor, and you must feel comfortable.

What are the risks?  Basically, you are hiring a company that has established a level of trust with you.  However, many contractors are simply sales people, acquiring the job and selling it to someone else to complete.  You want to be sure skilled, professional workers will show up every day.

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Our teams are comprised of lead installers who are expert carpenters and cabinetmakers.  They are our employees, they wear our uniforms and drive our vehicles.

Every job undergoes careful review by the sales team, the company owner, and the installation team prior to arriving at your home.  Our teams are professional craftsmen who perform their work through to your complete satisfaction.

#8 Do You Pull All The Required Building Permits?

Many contractors do not like to pull building permits because they add costs and slow a project down.  Inspections put an independent third party in your corner and offer you protection.

What are the risks?  Your home is one of your biggest investments.  You may be putting it at risk, as most homeowner policies will not pay claims arising from work performed illegally.

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While licensing is required for our industry, which means we must have a minimum of carpentry or contractor’s licensing, permitting is not.  Our scope of work does not require permits as of current State regulation.  However, we are fully capable of pulling permits for any work that would require it.

#9 Ask Questions About How They Work?

It cannot be stated enough how important this information is to you.  Ask questions such as what time they start, how they protect floors and walls, how they perform the work, how trash and debris will be handled, and if they work straight through to completion of the project.  The answers will illustrate the type of contractor you are working with.

What are the risks?  Maybe none, or maybe you are in for a big disappointment once the work starts, and you find yourself in a mess.

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During the sales process, we take great pride in describing our method of work… what and who we are, who our supplier is, and what you can expect from our installation team.  Most of our work is completed in one day.  We encourage you to call for a showroom appointment.  Discover for yourself that we are the industry leader for complete home organization work in this area.

#10 What Professional Organizations Are You A Member Of?

Well-established companies are affiliated with professional industry related organizations. To become a member, the contractor’s background and references are thoroughly investigated.  While a new contractor may not be a member of such organizations, it is unlikely an established company would not.

What are the risks?  While the risks may be minor, there are contractors with no affiliations to professional organizations.  They are the rare exception, as the vast majority of dependable companies belong, as they understand the benefits of continuing education and peer review.

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We are currently affiliated with the American Society of Closet Professionals (ASCP), the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and the local Rotary Club.

* Bonus Question - How many projects like mine have you completed in the last year?

Your contractor should specialize in the type of project you want done.  Many contractors dabble in anything that comes their way, but do not have expertise in what they are doing.

What are the risks?  A routine task for a company familiar with your type of project can be a real problem for one not familiar with it.  This can lead to defective installations that do not show themselves until long after the work is done.

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The country is experiencing a rebound in the economy, and our business has grown exponentially as a result.  The quest for organizational solutions has reached an all-time high.  We are typically installing three jobs every day, year-round, with prices ranging from $800 to as much as $35,000.  Please ask your sales professional for more specific information about jobs we have done like yours.